Wise III


Wise III and Wise II rings serve as the core of our silver collection capsule. These models allow you to create your own authentic ring combination by playing with shapes, surface textures, and unique pairings. We designed Wise III and Wise II rings to be worn not only on their own, but also to perfectly complement other pieces of jewelry in our silver collection. This way, when you purchase multiple pieces of jewelry, you can maintain the integrity of your style and create your own unique image.

Crafted from 925 sterling silver

Orders in Lithuania are sent through LP express, Omniva and Venipak post machines. According to the deadlines set by the senders, the package must be delivered within 1 - 3 working days from the date of dispatch. We also ship our products to other countries, but in this case the delivery time depends on the country to which the shipment is going.

The Belluri team adores creativity and wants to share that joy with others, so we offer you the opportunity to put a piece of yourself into each piece of jewelry. We aim to make every item we make the best expression of your personal style and individuality, therefore, if needed, all silver jewelry can be made of 585 fine yellow, white and rose gold. Colored stones can be exchanged for fossil or laboratory diamonds and vice versa, diamonds can be exchanged for colored stones of your choice. The metal surface can be glossy or matte. Allow yourself to touch the creative process and enjoy a unique piece of jewelry specially calibrated for you!

All dreams go to info@belluri.lt

Free delivery in Lithuania

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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that jewelry purchased according to a pre-order is produced in our workshop from 7 to 14 working days. During this period of time, we will carefully and precisely manufacture your chosen piece of jewelry and certify it at the Lithuanian Assay Chamber.

We set the highest standards for the quality of our work and customer service, so if you have additional questions, feel free to write to us at info@belluri.lt . We also provide you with a unique opportunity to participate in the creative process and give the ordered product its own uniqueness, read more about this in the 'Personalization' section.

If the piece of jewelry you have chosen is already in stock and ready for sale, the order will be prepared and shipped within 1 or 2 working days.

Wise III


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