Jewelry care


Probably every woman and man knows the feeling of acquiring a new piece of jewelry, when their eyes are incessantly drawn to the gleaming, freshly forged metal, and the precious stones glisten in the sunlight, captivating their imagination. Each piece of jewelry, like a person, has its own story. It had to be conceived, sketched, tried to be made, mistakes made and corrected, and tried again until the final result is flawless. Handcrafted jewelry comes into your hands with love and becomes a part of your story, and you - a part of theirs. By carefully taking care of the jewelry we acquire, we not only responsibly preserve the items with lasting value, but also express our respect for the work and time put into creating them. The BELLÙRI team does everything possible to ensure that you experience the beauty of the new, gleaming product that was created specifically for you, and you, in turn, help it remain so.

So, what is the elixir of youth for jewelry?

Jewelry should be kept in a dry and safe place, preventing them from hitting hard surfaces that can scratch the metal.

If you want to maintain a beautiful metal surface, don't wear your rings to the gym, beach, or when engaging in outdoor and gardening activities.

Keep all your jewelry in separate compartments. Items kept in a pile wear out faster, get scratched, and lose their shine.

Regularly wash your jewelry with water and mild soap, and dry them with a soft, non-scratching cloth.

To avoid silver oxidation, remove all silver jewelry before bathing in chlorinated or salt water.

Every year, you can contact the Belluri team for professional jewelry renewal. We will carefully polish your jewelry and be happy to have contributed to your care routine.

The last and most important piece of advice - proudly wear your beloved jewelry and confidently let them adorn your daily life!

We hope that these tips have helped you get better acquainted with the basic principles of jewelry care and can be easily adapted in your home. If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to write to us, and together we will find a solution.

With love to you and your sparkling jewelry,



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