Size guide

What to start with when choosing the right ring size?

There are two measuring methods that we recommend to our clients. Each of them is simple and easily applicable, without requiring any special tools.

I. Measuring Method

The first measuring method requires thread or paper tape and a ruler. Wrap the thread or tape around the finger where you plan to wear the ring, and use the ruler to measure the length of thread or tape needed for one complete wrap around your finger. Then convert the measured distance in millimeters to our recommended sizes based on the table provided below.

Siūlo ilgis (mm) Žiedo dydis (mm)
50.3 16
51.5 16.5
53.1 17
54.4 17.5
55.7 18
57.2 18.5
58.7 19

Please remember that it is very important to consider the joints in your fingers. Take a close look at whether they are narrower, the same width, or wider than the part of the finger where the ring will be worn. If the joints are wider and the ring may not fit, we recommend choosing a size that is one size larger (e.g. choose 16.5 instead of 16). The same rule applies when choosing wider rings; due to finger anatomy, it is recommended to choose larger ring sizes

II. Measuring Method

The second measuring method requires a ruler and a ring that you already have, and that fits you comfortably. Using the ruler, measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimeters, and select the ring size closest to your measurement from the table provided above. For example, if the inside diameter of your measured ring is 16.3 mm, you would select a ring size of 16.5. If the diameter is 16.9 mm, the closest fitting ring size would be 17.

If you have any uncertainties or want to consult with us when choosing the ring size, you can confidently write to us at or on our Instagram account - belluri.official. We will consult and help you choose the size that suits you best. And if there are still any uncertainties or if you want us to take care of measuring your ring size, you can come to our studio at Keramikų str. 2, Vilnius.

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