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Nėra gaivesnės brangakmenių spalvos, nei skaisti tsavoritų žalia. Geltoname aukse šviečianti žaluma ne tik pagyvins bet kokį Jūsų įvaizdį, bet ir padės atsipalaiduoti, juk žalia spalva - ramina! 

  • 585 prabos auksas;
  • 0,75 - 0,9 ct (priklausomai nuo žiedo dydžio) tsavoritai;
  • Visi dirbiniai sertifikuojami Lietuvos prabavimo rūmuose;
  • Jei neradote sau tinkamo dydžio tarp pasirinkimų, parašykite mums info@belluri.lt ir pagaminsime tikslų Jūsų žiedo dydį.

Orders in Lithuania are sent through LP express, Omniva, and Venipak parcel terminals. According to the default delivery terms of the carriers, the package should be delivered within 1-3 business days from the date of dispatch. We also ship our products to other countries, but in this case, the delivery time depends on the destination country.

team adores creativity and wants to share this joy with others, so we offer the opportunity to incorporate a part of yourself into each piece of jewelry. We aim for each of our creations to become the best expression of your personal style and individuality, so if desired, all silver jewelry can be made from 14 K yellow, white, and rose gold. Colored stones can be replaced with natural or lab-grown diamonds, and conversely, diamonds can be changed to colored stones of your choice. The metal surface can be chosen as shiny or matte. Allow yourself to be a part of the creative process and enjoy a unique piece of jewelry calibrated just for you!

All dreams can be sent to info@belluri.lt.

Each piece is handmade and created specifically for you, so providing a pre-order may take from 10 to 14 business days for production and certification.

Once you have purchased an item that is already in stock, its preparation and delivery may take from 1 to 3 business days.

You can choose from variations of 14 K karat yellow, red or white gold.




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